Attract new audiences and keep them coming back.

Increase ticket sales by marketing your event directly to New Audiences ranked by their likelihood to attend.



Grow loyalty and maximise ROI.

Get your First Timers to come back with timely and relevant offers sent by Automailer

Listen to your audience with real-time feedback and demographic insights with Post-Show Surveys



Contextualise your place in the market.

Gain Market Insight to understand how your organisation is performing against National Benchmark KPIs.

Grow the market together with compliant and secure Data Sharing



Treasure your loyal and committed audiences.

Stay in control with user friendly Dashboards that visualise your performance across all metrics and focus spend for best ROI.

Accurately set targets and drive sales campaigns with Showplanner

We understand, develop and engage audiences using data driven tools that impact your bottom line.
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  • We are innovators

    Next generation audience analytics toolkit that gives you the knowledge to understand your audiences, the insight to make decisions and the tools to affect change.

  • We are experts

    Purple Seven has been working in the UK Arts sector for 18 years, analysing audience behaviour across hundreds of organisations. Our knowledge and experience of audience trends is thorough, offering an industry context to your audience data that will help you focus on the important, not just the interesting.

  • We are trusted

    Fundamental to our approach is action – we believe that insight without action is a distraction.

    Our Toolkit gives you everything you need to drive revenues and occupancy whilst managing your customer relationships for long term gain.

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Purple Seven’s engagement with their clients has been based on delivering insights and understanding.

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