Saving time with shared insights

Andy Boreham has been using Purple Seven for the last six years at Colston Hall, Bristol’s largest concert hall, presenting major names in music and comedy.

Although he and his marketing team use it on a regular basis to monitor sales data and get customer insights, its easy-to-use dashboards and reports are also used across the organisation.

“What I like most about it is that it’s a user-friendly dashboard for marketers, and it’s easy to interpret the analytics. We also use it for monitoring sales, customer insight, benchmarking, annual reports. Our campaign managers use it to track ROI on mailings and e-shots.”

Colston Hall’s Programming department use it to see historic sales data and ticket yields, and the Customer Service team use it monitor the post-show survey responses.

And as Head of Marketing, Andy uses it to produce reports for senior management, to help communicate where shows are sales-wise, as well as to help them understand customer behaviour.

Annual reports are shared across the business, and to the senior management team. Regular weekly/monthly reports are also shared with Programming, Box Office and Marketing.

External partners also benefit from Purple Seven’s insights, with third party promoters being given show reports and survey reports, which saves Andy’s team time, as reports can be generated within seconds, with a few clicks of a mouse.

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