Using data for minimal wastage, maximum ROI

ATG’s Marketing Account Director Nicci Allt is a long-standing advocate of Purple Seven, and finds it a useful planning tool as part of the marketing toolbox:

“Because Purple Seven holds such a large amount of data from audiences across the country, when we’re wanting to identify specific audiences, maybe first timers, or those who are less engaged, the MOSAIC profiling on the system enables us to get really granular data. In practical terms, it’s really handy for helping us target local audiences through booking outdoor media and local press ads”.

Keeping producers in the loop

Purple Seven’s data is updated nightly, so any user can be guaranteed to have up-to-date data with which they can reflect on a show’s sales. This is especially useful for internal reporting, and for updating external stakeholders, especially producers and promoters, keen to receive regular updates on how their show’s sales are progressing.

“Purple Seven’s dashboard automatically creates charts and graphs to analyse the data, which saves a lot of manual processing time. Producers often find sales and audience data much easier to read when presented in a visual way, so I’ll often bring Purple Seven’s reports to sales meetings. What’s great about these reports is that they’re all available at the touch of a button, so producers aren’t kept waiting for this crucial information.”

Traditional marketing still plays a part in the marketing mix, and Purple Seven is used by ATG venues around the country for pulling data for their three brochure mailings a year. Even though print is more costly than email marketing, Purple Seven ensures that users get maximum Return On Investment.

Seamless integration with ESP

At the same time, marketing campaigns now include much more digital and social media activity, and ATG’s CRM team use Purple Seven to pull data for their email campaigns. This data feeds through to ATG’s emailing tool, so that there’s a seamless process from selecting the data, through to getting it ready to mail.

Ultimately, Nicci finds Purple Seven a really useful tool, as it ensures that venues can communicate better with their local audiences, and producers can reach all their desired customers with minimal wastage and maximum ROI.

“Purple Seven allows us to have a deeper analysis and understanding of our audience, with MOSAIC profiling giving us demographic insight through postcode analysis. Seeing where there’s crossover with other shows and getting frequency of attendance all in one dashboard means that Purple Seven speeds up our processes, and helps us get information out to all those who need it quickly and efficiently”.


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