Vital Metrics for Marketing Planning

With over 40 venues across Fife to oversee and around 700 events a year to promote – ON with Fife Cultural Trust is an organisation where programming is abundant, but time is in short supply. Marketing Officer, Andrew Stewart finds Purple Seven an invaluable tool for his daily marketing practice – so much so that he almost sees it as another member of the team!

Having so many shows to work on means Andrew and his team constantly need to check on a show’s progress and report on it to both internal and external stakeholders. Purple Seven’s data is updated nightly, so the information showing on its dashboards is very current, and can be easily used to monitor revenue and capacity for promoters.

Purple Seven is integral to the way we work, and is a regular feature of my working day. It’s great for processing large amounts of information, and it is always open on my desktop. We regularly check it to see the latest sales figures and audience data, and it’s just so useful having the latest information at our fingertips.”

Purple Seven’s dashboards show a range of metrics, and in addition to data on specific shows, benchmarking is also available to gauge where one show is in its sales cycle compared to others at the venue or in a defined cluster. The information that’s revealed shows capacity, weeks out, crossover, and much more – so that Purple Seven becomes a one-stop-shop for all reporting needs.

“Purple Seven’s metrics are really useful when we’re brainstorming and planning our marketing campaigns. We’re always coming up with ideas and hypotheses for targeting particular audiences, and the dynamic dashboards are a useful tool to test these hypotheses. We can easily assess whether the potential targeting for a show has an audience who will be receptive to its appeal.

There are many other practical applications for Purple Seven’s functionality. Segments can be created for sending emails or brochure mailings, and these segments can be extremely granular, so that any messaging included can be especially targeted and personalised and based on specific customer behaviour. Postcodes can be analysed to identify areas with the highest revenue & highest penetration of arts attenders. Conversely, for an organisation tasked with connecting with the whole of a large county, Purple Seven helps them reach disengaged communities.

“The programming at all our venues is so diverse, so it’s so important to have a system that supports us in all our endeavours. We have everything from opera, which has a more niche following, to rock and pop, which is much more populist, and we need data analytics to help us identify the right audiences, and in turn the right marketing activity to appeal to them.”

Marketers have so many demands placed on them in the digital age, with the increase in media channels, and the accompanying analytics to monitor and report on them all needing time to process. Purple Seven is a solution that has powerful functionality, but is easy to use, which releases pressure on marketing teams, and frees them from spending too much time manually analysing data on spreadsheets. We asked Andrew how he would describe Purple Seven to someone who’s not currently using it, and his response describes perfectly why the system can benefit businesses:

“Purple Seven is an all-round business intelligence tool that provides detailed analysis on events, and which can be used to improve marketing practice, and ultimately influence organisational strategy”.

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