It is with your personal data that we can help entertainment organisations, such as your theatre or gallery, to improve your experience. Purple Seven appreciates the role that you play, so we want you to be aware of who we are, why and how we use your data and what rights you have in relation to this.

In delivering its services Purple Seven is fully compliant with the standards established by the UK (GDPR) and the Data Protection Act 2018 alongside the EU GDPR, and we are driven to ensuring that your rights are duly protected. This means that we will only contact you with the purpose of meeting both yours and the organisation’s needs.

When attending an event you will be asked if the organisation can use personal data, such as your name and addresses, in order to improve its services to you. With your permission it uses this information and Purple Seven’s insights and solutions in order to get your reaction to the entertainment, suggestions for improvement, and your overall impression of the experience. With your involvement we can make future events more enjoyable for the whole audience.

All of this relies on the most important member of the event – you. By using the personal data that you have given to entertainment organisations we are able to achieve this.

In short, Purple Seven can come into contact with you through its electronic surveys about events that you have attended, or through an entertainment organisation using our services to send you bespoke mailings about shows that you are interested in.

Stating that Purple Seven is dedicated to you is not just lip service. We want you to be in control. Entertainment organisations are responsible for the data that they hold of you, so if you would like your data to be removed or amended then please contact the relevant organisation. Alternatively, if you have any questions about our role and this privacy policy then please contact us on

For more details, read our full privacy policy.

For more detail on post-show surveys, read our privacy policy.

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