For an organisation striving to be data driven, there are 4 key metrics that can form the foundation of an organisation’s performance.  These metrics are easily measurable, using data collected through any ticketing system, without burning through time. They are also controllable, giving you points of intervention to make changes in order to stay on target.

Bookers: how many active bookers you had in a given period

Visits: or frequency – how often a customer visits your organisation within a time period

Group Size: the average number of customers who attend together

ATP: average ticket price

Understanding Impact

Each of these metrics has a direct impact on your revenues. The chart below shows what each metric ‘contributed’ to the overall sales, highlighting where a problem might exist.

What is the ‘contribution’ to sales?

In the example, it shows that ticket prices increased overall revenue by almost 10% – the impact of this was a reduction across all 3 other metrics; fewer bookers, smaller group sizes and less frequent attendance.

Changes in three of the four metrics can be attributed to the increase in ticket price. The overall impact from the combination of factors, drove the sales growth down by 2%.

While sales growth is down, perhaps this organisation made a strategic decision, in the knowledge that the ticket price increase would be counteracted by a lesser drop in the other metrics.

Create your action plan

Critically, each metric can be targeted and measured to monitor progress – whatever your strategic objectives.

We’ve created a simple calculator so you can play around with these 4 metrics to understand what has the biggest impact to your organisation, helping to set targets and focus resources to meet your KPI’s.

For example:

An extra 10 bookers per day, buying 2 tickets, visiting twice, based on an ATP of £15 = an extra £17,520 revenues.

Alternatively, knowing there are 25k first time bookers within the time period, if they made a second visit revenues would double (assuming group size and ATP remain constant).

Start small, set a target, make a change and monitor your progress.

and let us know how you get on!

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