Fundamental to adopting a data-driven approach is the quality of your raw materials – the data itself.

Foundation Layer

Sales and customer information drawn from the ticketing system forms the solid foundation layer on which to build. We have developed our application to be compatible with a wide range of popular ticketing systems used in the sector – using standardised data formats – so everyone can get the same level of insight, irrespective of their software.

This also applies to touring companies or organisations that require data ingest from multiple ticketing systems. Bringing together data from a range of systems to give a holistic view of sales and audiences across a tour or group of organisations.

Data Decoration

External datasets that can ‘decorate’ or contextualise your core customer information will offer additional insight to help drive business decisions.

Socio-demographic tools such as Experian’s MOSAIC or the freely available Output Area Classification (OAC) system built on census data can be useful tools for segmentation and reporting, used in conjunction with other data.

Data Management

Ensuring your data is well maintained is a critical investment. Not only will the returns on your marketing promotions benefit from clean data, but your brand won’t suffer from unhappy customers receiving erroneous communications. Most importantly, it will keep you on the right side of the GDPR.

Data Enrichment

Adding other datasets to the mix can offer deeper insight into your customers and their engagement with you.

Social feeds, memberships, donations, survey responses and merchandise data are some of the datasets that will give you a better understanding of your customers.


Being able to understand your customers, sales and overall business performance in the context of the wider market is a valuable resource to help plan strategically and set realistic targets.

Bringing it all together

Joining the dots across as many of your customer touchpoints as possible, will give you a more accurate understanding of those customers but also highlight any concerning trends (or opportunities for growth) that might have otherwise been hidden.

Layering data science into the mix can catapult your marketing into the realms of propensity modelling, predictive analytics and sentiment analysis; some techniques that will help you identify customers’ likely next steps and motivations so you can move them along their customer journey, offering great service and timely communications.

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