All organisations with a compatible ticketing system are encouraged to join the project.

Every participating organisation has access to a suite of dynamic dashboards, monitoring the effects of this pandemic period on sales, customer engagement, donations and subscriptions.

Benchmarking your data against comparable organisations and Nationally will help teams answer the question ‘Am I Normal?’ as well as provide evidence-based data for funding applications and advocacy.

How does it work?

Our support team will work with you to set up a one-time link to your ticketing system that will provide daily data uploads to our secure servers for you to track your progress over time against the benchmark.

Simple steps to set up your data feed


We set up an account to receive your data.

Depending on your ticketing system, we may also send you the credentials of this account to configure your data feed.


You receive a short email with simple steps to follow to link your ticketing system to our secure servers and start sending us daily uploads.

If you need any support, our teams in the UK and the US are ready to help.


Once your first data upload is successful, we will pick up historical data to provide you with robust and comparable insights.


Your data is anonymised and added to the COVID-19 Benchmark database. You’ll receive login credentials to access your insights and Dashboards.


The steps required vary depending on the ticketing system you use. Web-based systems such as Ticketsolve and Spektrix are quick and easy to set up with little or no intervention at your end. If your system is hosted by the ticketing provider, they will be able to set up the data feed on your behalf. For locally hosted systems, we provide detailed step-by-step instructions for installing and configuring the DDX (Daily Data Extractor).

We operate a rolling development programme, regularly releasing new integrations. Current compatible ticketing systems are:

  • Audience View
  • ENTA
  • PatronBase
  • Spektrix
  • SR04
  • Tessitura
  • Ticketsolve
  • TheatreManager

Data security is at the very core of who we are and what we do. Having the largest dataset of consumers and arts & culture behaviour comes with a significant responsibility to ensure that we have world class security in place.

But security isn’t just about ensuring that the data is stored in a secure location. It’s about ensuring that all areas of potential risk are mitigated against to the highest level to ensure that our client’s data will always be safe.

We’ve invested heavily in a highly secure infrastructure. We have our own private cloud; use two-factor authentication; our staff are well trained; we have robust polices in place and we have a professional firm proactively and constantly monitoring for unusual activity.

When our clients send us their data, they can be sure that we will safeguard it just as well as they do.

The project is fully GDPR compliant. Purple Seven acts as a data processor on behalf of the data controller. All customer data is anonymised and aggregated before it is used in the COVID-19 Benchmark.

We have a number of clients who ticket through a shared system. There is an identifier in the ticketing database that is unique to your organisation so we use that to pull only your data in the daily feed. Remember to let us know when you complete the registration form.

Join the benchmark

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