Automate Customer Feedback

Your post-show survey is automatically emailed to customers as the curtain comes down. The high response rate of typically 20% means that you will always collect enough responses for meaningful insights.

Immediate access to your insights online to make instant and timely changes to the customer experience.

NEW features include Customisable questions
create your own surveys to ask the questions you or your funders want the answers to. Ideal for NPO’s and RFO’s to balance reporting requirements with business driven customer feedback.
  • Design your own email invitations to reflect your brand
  • Quick set up for any / all shows
  • Net Promoter Score: monitor overall loyalty score
  • Combine standard and customised questions in the same survey
  • Auto-Tweet customer comments
  • Retrospective surveys for events up to 3 months earlier
  • In-built customer de-duping so customers don’t get ‘over researched’
  • Benchmark your responses against the rest of the UK
  • Schedule reports to be delivered to your in-box
  • NPS Question embedded in email invitation to drive up responses

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“Purple Seven’s surveys have really helped us connect with our audiences better. The results can be shared with many departments, and because the information comes through overnight, we can all react immediately to improve our customer experience.

York Theatre Royal

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