Everyone likes a good map, it’s a great visualisation and often provokes further questions and areas (excuse the pun) for investigation. But what practical application does understanding the geographic spread of audiences really have?  


  • Being able to demonstrate the geographic reach of your organisation can sometimes make it eligible for localised trusts and foundations whose criteria have a geographic dimension that matches the communities you serve.
  • Local Government organisations have their own targets for delivering services and meeting local need. It’s usual for any funding granted through these bodies to require an element of geographic reporting, that will help evaluate provision in the area.
  • Some corporate support also uses geography as a qualifying criteria – perhaps to serve the community where most of their employees live and work or related to their business operations and the area of their business remit such as utility companies or waste disposal.


  • Visualising current sales on a map might highlight some geographic gaps your message has not yet reached and could focus your marketing spend, down to individual streets, for door drops and ‘above the line’ promotions, seeking to raise awareness and start to build audiences.
  • Conversely, using this data driven approach might also save you money and time as you better understand where NOT to spend hard won marketing budget

Untapped Potential

  • Layering actual sales against areas of potential based on arts attending propensity models can highlight geographic areas where you could achieve an increase in audiences. Data sets such as Experian’s MOSAIC or Arts Dimensions, compared with your current audience profiles, can indicate the scale of potential market available and help to focus investment to achieve those audience growth targets.
  • Filtering your audience by attendance and participation (if that’s relevant to your programme) can identify areas that might benefit from outreach work which, going back to point 1, might then lead to a funded project that meets the aims of the local authority, a local trust or even gain corporate support.

Whether you’re looking to provide professional visualisations to support your funding application or make data driven decisions on your above-the-line promotions, fast access to accurate, easy-to-understand visualisations can help you achieve your goals.

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